Christmas Tree


What is this shiny green thing?
it must bring something amazing


Decorated Christmas Tree is something magical. For children’s eyes, it must be a real magic tree especially when they find presents under the tree. I am grown up, but I have always loved Christmas Tree.




I can swing back and forth
on my own!


I have been pushing my son’s back whenever he wants to ride a swing. He simply didn’t know how to get moving. Recently, he finally got it! He is swinging back and forth with his legs. The smile on his face tells me his confidence and satisfaction. For me as a mother, one more step to see my son being independent.

The world


Open the book,
then you will see the world
where you have never been


I moved to a new house about two month ago, and since then there is no TV in the house. It started as a lazy act of postponing mounting a TV on the wall. Then, I notice that my son asks me to read books more often since he doesn’t watch TV at all. So I decided to keep TV in the storage.  Books will open the door to the world he has never seen before.



Look, it’s my bear and race car!


I couldn’t update my blog for a while due to moving to new house.
Anyway, Moving is a lot of work! I packed everything for moving, and my son opened a box to find his toys. It seems to be no ending of packing with a little rascal around.

Anyway, my move is complete now, and I am ready to work on more illustration. I am so happy to resume my art work. And my son is very happy to be surrounded by his toys again.



No pretty girl


No Pretty girl, here


When I woke up, my son looked at me and said “No pretty girl, here!”. In his language, it means “you look horrible” That was pretty shocking even though I know I look terrible, but I didn’t think that bad even to a little boy.  I put clothes, brush my hair to look “normal”. Then I got an approval form my son saying “pretty girl”.   – yay.