Time to go to bed


“It’s time to go to bed”

But I need to paint
I need to drink water,
oh, I need to see my boo-boo


Children come up with different things not to go to bed when it’s time to go to bed. My son is no exception. He suddenly wants to paint, then he is thirsty, needs to go to bathroom again and so on.  Even after he is in the bed, he says “I need my race car (toy) to sleep. Where is it?” /sigh.




Picked by hand
Packed with love


I had a delivery box says “Picked by hand. Packed with LOVE”. It was just one of ordinary box. But when my son sat in it, the ordinary box became a lovely object with a meaningful message. I found it very cute, but I could be just a strange mom ;).

Merry Go Round


Round, round and Merry Go round
Go round with your smile and dream


Merry Go Round is the things to do for toddlers. My son is on a merry go round at least once a week and does at least two rides at a time.  Merry Go Round (Carousel) has been around one hundred fifty years, and it gives dreamy moment to kids – and moments of rest to parents.

Walking Walking


walking is incredible
I can use my hands and push my car
then, go faster!


It must be such an incredible experience for babies to walk. They have different view point, be able to reach something higher, be able to use their hands freely, and faster mobility to point A to point B. And of course, it’s such a joy for the parents to see their babies walking.

I want to go home


I am thirsty and hungry
I am cold and scared,
And I want my mama and papa
I want to go home……


I do everything I can to make sure my child is safe, have a full belly and warm place to sleep. All children need these and all parents do their best to provide for their children.

As a mother, it is heartbreaking to know that there are so many children can’t get the care and love they need because they lost their family and home by wars.

I am too small to provide the help to these children. Least thing I can do is to make people aware of these children in devastating situation by my art, and not to forget about them.