Thank you 2017


Thank you 2017
For smiles I’ve seen
and laughter I shared


This will be my last page for this series. I draw 100 pieces of art. I will continue working on my art, but maybe a different series next year. Thank you for viewing my pages and see you next year.
Happy Holidays!


What’s there?


There is something there
What’s there?


Searching something new is what kids do all the time. They have incredible curiosity to find anything and anywhere. Also, they figure out how to get there.  I am totally impressed by their persistence and efforts!



I can swing back and forth
on my own!


I have been pushing my son’s back whenever he wants to ride a swing. He simply didn’t know how to get moving. Recently, he finally got it! He is swinging back and forth with his legs. The smile on his face tells me his confidence and satisfaction. For me as a mother, one more step to see my son being independent.

The world


Open the book,
then you will see the world
where you have never been


I moved to a new house about two month ago, and since then there is no TV in the house. It started as a lazy act of postponing mounting a TV on the wall. Then, I notice that my son asks me to read books more often since he doesn’t watch TV at all. So I decided to keep TV in the storage.  Books will open the door to the world he has never seen before.

Alphabet Cards


Brrrrrm, Brrrrm!
This is how I play with my
ABC flash cards


There is at least one set of alphabet flash cards at home if you have kids. I have one, too. However, I could never use it as it’s supposed to be used. Cards are everywhere on the floor because it’s fun for him to toss them in the air. Then he rolls on them playing with his favorite mini car. That’s how he plays with alphabet flash cards.