Birthday Prep


invitations,  a cake, balloons, a location, food….
what else? what else?
for the birthday


Children’s birthday is something parents love to give as much as they can. It happens only once a year, and every birthday is so precious since children grow & change every day.  But I must admit that planning a birthday party is a work.  The worst part is, I completely get trapped in the emotional illogicality to have an amazing birthday for my son.  It came to the point of “Should I have 50 balloons to make it special?  Wait, 50 balloons seems to be too many and they won’t fit in my Honda civic.” However, when I saw excitement and joy of my son and his friends at the birthday party, I felt my effort is so worth to do.  Also, it makes me think that Children don’t need ponies to celebrate their birthday parties, but they just need the place to get together and share the joy.


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